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Professor - Public Policy & Administration

Jen Schneider


Jen Schneider is Professor and Interim Associate Dean of the School of Public Service at Boise State University. She teaches courses in the PhD program in Public Policy and Administration on Qualitative Methods and Analysis; Science, Democracy, and the Environment; and Energy Policy. Jen is a communication researcher, and has worked extensively in the areas of public communication of science and technology controversies, stakeholder engagement, and public engagement. She has collaborated with teams to design and facilitate large public meetings on topics such as climate change (Worldwide Views), nanotechnology (National Citizens’ Technology Forum), and rapid urban growth (Boise Community Conversations on Growth).


Jen frequently works with organizations and agencies interested in engaging the public in decision-making. She facilitates public meetings, but also works with groups who want to design longer-term public engagements and partnerships, and has experience working in high-conflict, partisan, and information-rich environments. She also has extensive experience collecting and analyzing qualitative data, such as written responses to surveys, or focus group and interview data, and using that information to analyze problems or strategize future directions.

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