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Distinguished Professor - Micron School of Materials Science & Engineering

Peter Müllner


Peter Mullner earned degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He completed post-doctoral research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, at the Max Planck Institute of Metals in Stuttgart, Germany, and at ETH Zurich before joining Boise State University as founding member of the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering. In 2012, Mullner was awarded the rank of Distinguished Professor of Materials Science.


Mullner works to move Idaho up on the chart, which lists US states by their gross domestic product per capita, where Idaho ranks second to last. In his current research, Mullner studies the magneto-mechanics of magnetic shape memory alloys and he develops devices utilizing these materials. In 2015, Mullner founded Shaw Mountain Technology LLC with the goal to commercialize technology evolving from his research. Shaw Mountain Technology prioritizes keeping product development, manufacturing, and company operations located within Idaho. Mullner summarizes his career goals with these words: “Magnetic Shape Memory (MSM) technology transfer: I envision the Southwest of Idaho as the home of (i) the first company that commercializes MSM technology and (ii) a growing new industry of smart micro-devices. My scholarly activities in teaching, research, and service support this vision.”

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