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Professor - Philosophy

Stephen Crowley


I grew up in Adelaide South Australia and managed to complete a philosophy degree between hiking, kayaking and playing football. Graduate school took me to Indiana where I learned a great deal about the history and philosophy of science and how to play ultimate frisbee. Next stop was Boise State where I’ve been teaching philosophy, thinking about how different communities organize their knowledge and wisdom and digging up my garden with my partner Ellen and our dog Ginger Meggs.


My research focusses on the challenges and opportunities of collaborations between groups with different ways of thinking about the world. We can learn a great deal from folk who ‘see’ the world differently from us; but it can be really hard to understand their perspective; after all they ‘see’ the world differently from us! I’m part of group (The Toolbox Dialog Initiative) that works to make understanding one another easier so that we can benefit more richly from each other’s insights. Our group has facilitated workshops to help communication between researchers, undergraduates, land managers and others. We think we have some practical wisdom to offer in this area but we are also always looking to learn more. We’d be very keen to collaborate with anyone in the community who’d like help facilitating their own collaborations!

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