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How to Get a Bronco Card

Bronco Card is your key to campus life!

Your Bronco Card provides access to University facilities including classrooms, residence halls, the testing center, athletic events, and the REC. Additionally, your Bronco Card account holds funds for on-campus commerce including print money, meal plans, and dining dollars. Need to check out a book at the Library, ride the bus, or score discounts at the Games Center and around town? Show them your Bronco Card!

3 Easy Steps – Sign-in, Submit Photo, Pick-up Bronco Card

Photo Submission Instructions

Replacement Photo

If you already have a Bronco Card on file and submit a new photo, this will automatically replace your existing photo.

If you would like a new card printed with your new photo, please visit us at the Bronco Card Office. Printing a new Bronco Card will deactivate your old Bronco Card (including door access). Additionally, a $30 replacement fee will be due. This can be paid in-person via card or billed to your student account.

Photo Submission Guidelines

Photo should adhere to government issued ID requirements.

    • Full face and shoulders only, no side profile or angled view pictures
    • The cardholder’s expression should be natural/smiling, with both eyes open
    • No hats, caps, sunglasses, scarves, or masks
    • No animals, children, props, or gestures
    • A muted background against a wall with no apparent objects in the background

Photo ID Guidelines

An uploaded photo ID is required for your photo to be approved.

    • Image of driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued photo ID
    • There are size limitations on the image you can upload. If you attempt to upload an image larger than 2MB you will receive an error message upon submission indicating that the app was “Unable to determine image size”.

*ID will be automatically deleted upon photo approval.

Pick-up Information

Once produced, you will receive confirmation and additional instructions to pick up your Bronco Card.

  • If you are an online student, distance learner, or gap year student and live outside the greater Boise Metropolitan area, you may request your Bronco Card to be mailed to you. To start this process, please contact the Bronco Card Office.
  • New students requesting their first card or ongoing students requesting a replacement of their previous card can pick up their card from the Bronco Card Office.