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Bronco Card Photo Submission – Desktop



  • Login Using Boise State Credentials



Navigate to Photo Screen

  •  Select “Submit ID Photo” Link


Select “Upload Photo”

  • Load Photo
  • Crop and Rotate Photo *The Bronco Card image is a square, be sure to crop your image as a square and not default to the rectangle.
  • “Submit” Photo

Select “Upload ID”

  • Load ID
  • Crop & Rotate ID
  • “Submit” ID


  • Select “Submit” Photo for Approval

Once processed you will either receive an email that your photo was approved or an email indicating your photo was rejected and the reason it was not approved.

Photo Submission Guidelines

  • Photo should adhere to government issued ID requirements
  • Full Face and shoulders only, no profile or angled view pictures
  • The card holders’s expression should be natural/smiling, with both eyes open
  • No hats, caps, sunglasses, scarves, or masks
  • No animals, children, props, or gestures allowed
  • Muted background against a wall with no objects or trees in the background

Photo ID Guidelines

(An uploaded photo ID is required for your photo to be approved)

  • Image of driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued photo ID
  • There are size limitations on the image you can upload. For example, if you attempt to upload an image larger than 2MB you will receive an error message upon submission indicating the app was “Unable to determine image size”.

Try loading an image from your photo library and select the option on your mobile device to use the “small” format of that image.

*ID will be automatically deleted upon photo approval



You will receive confirmation and additional instructions to pick-up your Bronco Card once produced.

  • During the campus closure, all employee and visitor/affiliate badges will be forwarded to Public Safety for you to pick-up once the card is produced.
  • Distance learners will revive their cards via mail if they are outside of the greater Boise Metropolitan area.
  • New Students, Ongoing Students requesting their first card or a replacement of their previous card will be able to pick-up their card during Bronco Welcome week, Orientation Check-in for New Students, or the Bronco Card Office for Ongoing Students.