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Michael Hash, Freedom Expected March 13, 2013

IIP Assisted in the Michael Hash Case, Freedom Expected March 13, 2013

Hash family hugging


In 2005 Pamela and Jeff  Hash approached DNA expert Dr. Greg Hampikian at the end of the Innocence Network Conference in DC.  They were looking for someone to examine the forensic issues in their son’s murder conviction.  They stayed late to discuss the case, and Dr. Hampikian agreed to work  on the DNA issues pro bono as part of the nascent  Idaho Innocence Project (IIP) at Boise State University.

Michael Hash has now served 12 years for capital murder, but is expected to be released on Wednesday, March 13, 2012.  While new DNA testing is still being considered, Micheal’s legal team and investigators turned up evidence of  misconduct that led directly to his expected release Wednesday.  On March 12, Prosecutor Close announced his resignation effective March 13.

The Idaho Innocence Project believes that there is still evidence that will lead to the true murderer.  In 1996, Michael Hash was 15 when his 74 year old neighbor was murdered, and this second tragedy began.

Mr. Hash’s legal team includes Matthew Bosher and the team at Hunton & Williams, the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project’s Executive Director Shawn Armbrust, the University of Virginia Law School Innocence Project Clinic, and investigator Stanley Lapekas. The Idaho Innocence Project worked with Dr. Michael F. Reiders on the case concerning biological evidence.  The staff and volunteers at the IIP are celebrating Judge James C. Turk’s decision.

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