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Idaho Innocence Project Logo

The Idaho Innocence Project is part of the Forensic Justice Project at Boise State University.

Our mission is to correct and prevent wrongful convictions in Idaho through research, education, and litigation. Since 2005, we have helped start innocence organizations in Montana, Oregon, Ireland and France, worked on cases with 27 Innocence organizations in the US, and are now part of the Forensic Justice Program at Boise State University that investigates DNA cases throughout the US and abroad.

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Staff and Volunteers

  • Robin Long

    Legal Director

  • Dr. Greg Hampikian

    Executive Director

  • Greg Silvey

    Senior Consulting Counsel

  • Dan Cohn

    Licensed Private Investigator

  • Dave Henry

    Case Investigator and Administrator

  • Andrea Frazier


  • Mike Stilton


  • Sam Newton

    Assistant Professor of Law

  • Jessalyn Hopkin


  • Joy Haynes


  • Jennifer Cummins


  • Lisa Johnson


  • Kiley Heffner

    Legal Intern

  • Brooke Kenney

    Legal Intern

  • Janet Layne

    Forensic DNA Analyst

  • Layce Johnson


  • Joshua Jacobs

    Information Technology