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Christopher Tapp in Court Monday, July 1 at 11AM. Exoneration?

Could Monday be the day that ends Christopher Tapp’s two decades of wrongful conviction?

The Idaho Innocence Project is pleased to announce that Christopher Tapp will be in court on Monday, July 1, 2019, for a status conference.  We are hoping that the prosecutor will take this opportunity to address what is now a tortuously long process of exoneration.  Police announced in a press conference on May 16, 2019, that Brian Dripps confessed to stabbing Angie Dodge on his own in 1996.  Mr. Dripps is a match the DNA evidence in the case, including semen and a pubic hair recovered from the victim’s body.  At that press conference, the Idaho Falls Police chief Bryce Johnson announced that

“Chris Tapp is another very important part of this case that deserves its day in the sunlight, and we will do that…that day will be in a couple of weeks and we’ll do that, whatever is right in a couple of weeks. We need a little more time to dot I’s and cross t’s.”

Does the Idaho Falls Police Department owe Chris Tapp an apology?

It is our hope that Chris will have his day of promised sunlight.  I have attached a partial timeline of DNA testing in the case for those who are interested.

The status conference is public, and we’ll be there.  Please consider joining us.

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Hearing Details

Monday, July 1, 2019    Hearing set for 11:00 am
Judge Alan C. Stephens
Bonneville County Courthouse
605 North Capital Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83402