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Adjunct Advantages

Resources and services

Available to adjunct faculty and all employees at Boise State University.

Cell Phone Rate Plans

Boise State University, through State of Idaho contracts, currently has working relationships with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, allowing employees to purchase mobile communications devices and rate plans at reduced prices. Check with your cell phone provider to see what discounts might be available.

IDEAL – College Savings Program

The Idaho College Savings Program (IDEAL), offered through the State of Idaho, provides families with an affordable way to save for college. Some key benefits are: the ability to use funds toward eligible schools nationwide for tuition, books, fees and some food and housing.
You may contact IDEAL at 1-866-Ideal ED (1-866-433-2533) or via their website.

Lactation Rooms & Breaks

In support of new nursing mothers on campus and in compliance with employer required amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act, Boise State University has prepared nine private lactation break rooms dedicated for nursing mothers across campus. The rooms are available by reservation only; building locations are can be found on the Nursing Mothers section of the HR website.

Recreation Center

The 105,000 square foot Student Recreation Center serves as the hub for fitness programs, aquatic programs, intramural and club sports, as well as outdoor rentals, trips and seminars. Campus Recreation programs and facilities are accessible to all full time students through activity fees and offers low cost options for part time students, faculty, staff and alumni members and their spouse/partner.
For details regarding hours and payment options, please contact Campus Recreation at 208-426-1131 or visit the Campus Recreation website.

Student Union

In addition to the bookstore and other shops, food services, and postal services, the Student Union offers bowling, billiards, and discounted movie and recreation tickets at the information desk.

Supplemental Retirement Savings Accounts

Supplemental retirement plans are available to all University employees to help build retirement security through additional savings. Contributions are not matched by the University, but they are deducted and deposited each pay period with the provider or providers chosen by the employee. Choose from the 403(b) or 457(b) pre-tax savings plans, or an after-tax Roth 403(b) retirement plan, which offers tax-free withdrawals at retirement. Changes to contribution amounts can be made at any time by completing and submitting a new salary reduction form for the plan. To review the different plans, visit the Retirement Savings webpage.

University Health Services

Health Services supports the educational mission of Boise State University by providing convenient, accessible and high quality health care to the campus community. We strive to provide a wide range of comprehensive and integrated services to students, faculty and staff on campus. All Boise State employees are eligible to receive medical and wellness services at the Health Center. We provide a full range of primary care, urgent care, and wellness services for faculty and staff on campus. Conveniently located on campus, our board certified medical professionals and wellness experts are here to help address your health care needs.

Valley Ride Bus Pass

All university employees may obtain a free bus pass from the Transportation & Parking Services Office or the Bronco Card Office which will allow them to ride, free of charge, the valley transit buses (BSU I.D. with attached bus sticker must be shown to ride the bus free). Bus route maps can be viewed on the Valley Ride website.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation insurance provides wage loss and medical benefits to workers with a job-related injury or illness. Boise State University uses University Health Services and St. Luke’s Occupational Health Services for employees who sustain worker’s compensation injuries. Any work-related injuries need to be reported to a supervisor so that they can alert Risk Management. For more information on Worker’s Compensation, visit the Boise State University Risk Management website.

Resources Available to Adjunct Faculty

Health Services discounts

Health Services offers a 25% discount on medical services to non-benefit eligible employees that do not have health insurance, or have Medicare or Medicaid. Other discounts for non-insured employees include:
Counseling (non-insured individual $30, non-insured couple $40)
Orthopedic supplies and some other devices are discounted

Please bring your University ID badge to Health Services in order to access these discounts.


If you will be driving to work, you must secure a parking permit to park anywhere on the Boise State University campus. Parking offers a thirty (30) day visitor parking pass in the “General Parking” areas at no charge for new hires to allow time to determine which parking option is most suitable. Parking permits are issued by Parking and Transportation Services (1607 University Drive, corner of Lincoln and University, 1st floor of Lincoln Parking Garage). You can also purchase a permit online, subscribe to parking updates, and view the parking map on the Parking and Transportation website. Passes for part-time employees are available at special rates. Please contact Parking and Transportation for more information

Salary Continuation for Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty do not earn sick leave, however, as outlined in Boise State Policy #4220, in the event of unforeseen personal illness or injury lasting one week or more, part-time Adjunct Faculty who have been employed by Boise State for at least one full academic semester are eligible for limited continuation of regular salary. With medical certification of the injury or illness from a health care provider (without diagnostic details) and approval by the department chairperson, continuation of regular salary may be provided for a period not to exceed two weeks in any semester. Multiple absences may be approved, up to the combined two-week maximum. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify their immediate supervisor without delay to arrange for class coverage.