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Take a K-12 Teacher Professional Development Course

Online and In-Person Courses

Featured courses are listed by delivery method, online or in-person. Courses are continuously approved and updated, so it is best to check back regularly.

Course Fees and Credits

Professional Development courses are offered through a variety of partners, educational organizations, nonprofits, and college departments. Course fees are different from credit fees and, in some cases, are paid separately.

Boise State’s PD credits are offered at $60 per credit to teachers, school counselors, social workers and school administrators.

Boise State’s Professional Development courses are considered graduate level courses. They are transcripted and graded as pass/fail and the credits cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements and are not eligible for financial aid.

It is your responsibility to verify that your district and State Department of Education accepts Boise State Professional Development credits for recertification and/or pay scale movement before you register for a class. We cannot issue refunds after your grade has been finalized.

Boise State K-12 Professional Development Students

Student Resources

If you have taken or are currently taking a K-12 professional development course through Boise State, please use the following resources to log into your account, access your course through Canvas, and check your transcripts.