Albertsons Library


Let’s make!

Step 1

  • All you need to do to use the MakerLab is stop by during open hours and ask to be trained on a piece of equipment. Alternatively, you may take a workshop or instruction session to learn the material.
  • The MakerLab is located on the second floor of the Library.
    • Open for the fall 2019 semester: September 3 – December 10, 2019: 10am – 6pm
    • You can also sign up for a workshop or request a workshop for your group
  • Read and agree to follow the safety plans.

Step 2

  • Pick tools to learn by choosing from 3D printing, soldering, dremel, sewing machines, microphones, cameras, and video cameras, arduino,  or anything we have – see the full equipment list.
  • A MakerLab employee will then train you in the safe and efficient use of each technology

Step 3

  • Reserve time using the resource management system
  • Does your project or 3D print require additional time?
    • email
    • attach your STL file and your gcode for a Taz 6 with a regular extruder
    • include the length of time

Request Instruction or Workshop


Workshops Calendar