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Appreciating Wildfire Firefighters

4 Firefighters holding equipment silhouetted against a fire burning in the background
FEMA photo, Andrea Booher

The Wildfire season has extended into fall and will likely extend into winter this year. Fires continue to burn in the western United States. Fire is devastating to wildlife, land, forests and those who live nearby; often resulting in loss of property and livelihood, as well as loss of nature’s wonders.

Fighting wildfires comes at great risk to those who do it and the battles this year have gone on far longer than expected. We in the library appreciate all that firefighters do. Stop by the Circulation desk where you can learn more about wildfire and firefighting at the Appreciating Wildfire Firefighters book display.

And as always, let us know if you have any questions at the Reference or Circulation desks. We are here to help with your information needs.

Audrey Williams,
Access services