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Veterans Day Exhibit and Presentation

A new exhibit, “G. I. Joe and America: the G.I. Army 1940-1973” opens Tuesday November 9 on the first floor of Albertsons Library. The exhibit’s curator, History Professor David Walker, will give a corresponding presentation on Veterans Day, Thursday November 11 at noon in the exhibition space.

G.I. Joe is unique from his predecessors and from those that came after him in the All-Volunteer Army we have today. Created in 1940, the GI Army was a conscript (draftee) army that represented a distinctive era in US history. The soldiers had a look of sameness that spanned three wars and many years of peace – the steel pot helmet, C rations and “Olive Drab” combat uniforms – but most importantly it brought us the idea of “GI Joe.” The exhibit looks at WW2, Korea, the Atomic Veterans, and Vietnam, along with how GI Joe became an iconic name.

The exhibit will be on display through the end of the semester.

Gwyn Hervochon,
Librarian/Archivist, Associate Professor
Special Collections and Archives