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Archivist Graefe Curates Treefort Exhibits

Alisha Graefe, an archivist in Albertsons Library’s Special Collections and Archives, has created a digital exhibit featuring “ephemera and memories” of the annual Treefort Music Fest. This year’s event marks the tenth anniversary of Boise’s creative festival. Visitors can click on a link to submit their favorite memories of past “Forts.” If you ask Graefe, she reminisces about “how big and expansive Treefort makes Boise feel. It’s so great to see everyone downtown in one place.”

Photo of Alisha Graefe kneeling next to, and pointing, to a 'Hackfort' chalkboard.

In addition to attending concerts – many being performed by on-the-rise musical acts – revelers can experience workshops focusing on yoga, art, film, food, comedy, drag, and ale, just to name a few. Graefe also curated the physical display on the third floor of City Hall, open through April 6. It’s made up of posters signed by bands, merchandise, passes, skateboards, and other colorful elements representing the last 10 years.

Graefe, who grew up in southern Idaho, graduated from Boise State in 2016 with a degree in History. She stayed on to earn her masters in 2018, and later obtained a second masters degree in Information and Library Science from San Jose State. As an undergrad, Graefe ran the university radio station and first attended Treefort with a press pass. She now runs her own “fort,” booking, managing, and hosting podcasts.

Treefort 10 takes place March 23 – 27 in downtown Boise.