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Publish your research on Albertsons Library’s ScholarWorks database

Do you want to publish your own data and findings? ScholarWorks is an “open access” database that stores scholarly works created by members of the Boise State University community. The research is uploaded by Albertsons Library’s Scholarly Communications and Data Management (SCDM) unit. It’s available, free of charge, to anyone with internet access. Since there’s no cost, the research is viewed more often. This platform is a special opportunity for highlighting research projects done by our students and faculty.

ScholarWorks is designed to work with search engines like Google, which means the publications are more discoverable. The online repository actually tracks daily downloads throughout the world. That means undergraduate students’ capstone projects are being accessed by other international researchers. Zachary Mouton’s “Building a Record Label Website in an Evolving Music Industry”, was downloaded by a reader in Singapore, and “Feminine Hygiene Kits for Girls/Women Worldwide,” published by Deseret Lauree Lazarte, was read by someone in Norway. ScholarWorks authors can share this data with their peers and future employers.

Types of materials and projects in ScholarWorks include:

  • Journal articles
  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Presentations
  • Datasets
  • Working papers and pre-prints
  • Technical reports
  • University documents
  • Books, series, and journals
  • Images
  • Video and sounds files

Any Boise State University faculty or staff member may upload scholarly publications, following SCDM guidelines. Additionally, masters and doctoral candidates can upload a thesis or dissertation, and, in select cases, graduate projects.

ScholarWorks supports electronic publishing of academic journals by providing a peer-review workflow application. This is designed to streamline and simplify the publication of online journals. Features include:

  • A peer-review process which provides tracking referee activity, automatically emailing appropriate reminders, and providing a mechanism for anonymous correspondence between reviewer and author
  • Oversight of editorial tasks such as referee correspondence and manuscript tracking
  • Elimination of mail and copy costs

Albertsons Library provides services to support all students, regardless of their needs. It is an inclusive and safe space that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Sarah Waddell,
Marketing and Communication Specialist
Albertsons Library