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Free books available!

photo of Sarah Waddell
Sarah Waddell, Marketing and Communication Specialist

Did you know that Albertsons Library finances and manages hundreds of database subscriptions? In fact, all types of research materials are free on our site! Most Boise State students know the library is a great resource for information, but it’s about so much more than academics!  Spend a few minutes going through our website to learn about our music room. You can check out CDs, DVDs, and vinyl — or hang for a while and use a good, old fashioned, record player. But really, we are here to serve students. We want to get to know you! Come on in and say hi…we would love to show you around.

Is the library your go-to place for studying? It’s definitely your resource for “course reserves.” Those are the materials your professor puts on hold for you to read. It’s more common these days for faculty to use free print, online, and video resources from the library to help keep costs down for them and you.

I started working at the library in February. My job is to market the library, so I need to know what the library does. If I tell the right stories, more people use the library. I recently had my own “Doh!” moment when researching relationship-building with students. Relationship-Rich Education, by Peter Felten and Leo M. Lambert (published by Johns Hopkins University Press) is about making connections in college. Specifically, the authors discuss “the transformative potential and the lasting legacies of a relationship-rich college experience.”

This book contains vital insight into how Albertsons Library can strengthen our relationships with Boise State students. I want to read this book so badly that my first instinct was to look it up online and order a $30 copy, with free shipping, knowing I would get it in just a couple of days. But then it hit me, like a ton of bricks, maybe I should see if Albertsons Library carries the book…

I went to the library’s website and simply searched the title. It showed up on the Project Muse database, one of the hundreds of databases we subscribe to for student, employee, and faculty use. I created a free account and downloaded the whole book at no charge. I’m pretty excited about all these free books I’m going to be reading! If you’re on campus this summer, pop in and say hi. Otherwise, we’ll see you in a few months!