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National Potato Day!

Marilyn Monroe wearing a potato sack
Marilyn Monroe’s 1950s photoshoot with Twentieth Century Fox

National Potato Day is August 19th! In appreciation of the mighty potato, we have created a display of potato books and materials. Topics range from growing potatoes and cooking them, to who’s responsible for putting Idaho potatoes on the map.

Stop by and take a look: Fries! : an illustrated guide to the world’s favorite food and Aristocrat in burlap : a history of the potato in Idaho are just a sampling of what you will find on display. You can check out the display items, too, if you wish. Come see us at the newly named A.S.K. area, where we provide you with Access, Service, and Knowledge. We are happy to help you locate additional “spud” materials as well.

The Idaho Potato Commission has donated Idaho potato pins and recipe cards. Be sure and pick one up at the display at the A.S.K. area (while supplies last).

Audrey Williams, Access Services