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In memoriam: Marilyn Moody, former library dean

photo of Marilyn Moody
Marilyn Moody, Albertsons Library Dean, 2006-2012

Marilyn Moody, Albertsons Library’s dean from 2006 – 2012, died in November 2022. Moody is responsible for several milestones during her time at Boise State. She created our institutional repository ScholarWorks, a collection of services designed to capture and showcase scholarly output by the Boise State faculty, staff and students. 

Moody and her colleagues, Peggy Cooper and Nancy Rosenheim, also first made eBooks available to the campus community. The collection was established in 2011 with $42,000 and 52,000 electronic titles. At the time, the same books would have cost $5.2 million dollars if they had been purchased traditionally. The team used a new financial and access model, Demand Driven/Patron Driven Acquisitions (DDA/PDA), to purchase the eBooks without any financial burden to the library or Boise State. Rather than purchasing books for patrons “just in case” they used them, DDA/PDA allowed the library to invest in a diverse collection and only pay for the books that were actually used. This model shifted the need to “just in time.”

Beth Allen is the library’s web and tech support specialist. She remembers Marilyn as “an intelligent library advocate with a vision of just ‘going for it.’ She moved the library forward with technology and innovation. Marilyn thoroughly researched her ideas in order to make important decisions easily, and with consensus.” Other memories support her giving spirit. At the time, Allen was also working with the Boise School District. Moody donated a saxophone to a high school student in need. The player went on to college with that same instrument.

Please visit her obituary to share condolences with her family.