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English presents creative aspects of library technology

photo of Bill English
Bill English, unit head, Library Computing and Information Systems

Bill English,┬áhead of library computing and information systems at Albertsons Library, recently delivered a workshop “Selecting and Implementing Library Technologies: A How-to For Practical and Sustainable Success” at Computers in Libraries.

The annual conference highlights innovative technology and library practices, as well as sharing leading-edge information services and community engagement strategies. It also provides the opportunity for peers to discuss the impact these services and practices have on student success.

Discussions and panels at this year’s event support the collaborative work English is currently prototyping with numerous campus partners. The library has opened a new podcast studio on the first floor. English has already mapped out more than a dozen topics under the umbrella of cultivating, connecting and creating.

April is Research and Creative Activity Month, and English was immersed in both elements at the conference. “The word ‘technology’ comes from two Latin roots: techno- (know-how) and -logy (sharing through conversation),” explains English. “That’s what we were doing — sharing the great things Albertsons Library and our peers are doing around the country. It was truly energizing! Technology can be a book, a whiteboard, even our library’s Family Study Room. We serve our students, and this conference focused on new and interesting ways of delivering the technology students need to succeed.”