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Collection Evaluations FY21

Albertsons Library is committed to communicating our collections decisions to the Boise State community. This page will document the collection decisions for FY21.

Oxford, Sage, Wiley Journal Package Assessment 2020

In order to be fiscally responsible as described by the Library Dean, the Library needed to reduce the total spend on the Oxford, Sage, and Wiley journal subscriptions to meet budget limitations by December 2020.  Wiley and Oxford were evaluated because their one-year contracts were due for renewal. Sage was at the end of a three-year contract and evaluation of the collection was necessary.

The Oxford, Sage, and Wiley journal subscriptions were thoroughly analyzed based on the following:

  • Cost per use based on 2016-2019 usage statistics
  • High overall usage
  • How essential or important a particular title was to a discipline
  • Availability in other electronic sources

After an extensive review and feedback from faculty campuswide, the Library will be continuing journals that have a cost per use of $60 or less, and had high overall usage or were deemed essential or important to a discipline. Access to an additional set of titles will be continued through open access or will be accessible via subject databases in our collection.

Albertsons Library will maintain 165 individual title subscriptions and 63 additional titles are continued through Open Access or will be accessible via subject databases in the collection. We will not be acquiring current content for discontinued titles, though past years issues may be available via post-cancellation access, databases, and repositories listed on the Journals A-Z list.