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Library Instruction

The mission of the Albertsons Library Instruction Program is to actively empower individuals in becoming lifelong learners through critical engagement with information.

Albertsons Library’s librarians and staff teach information literacy and research skills to Boise State University students via instruction that is embedded throughout the university curriculum.

Librarians and staff use a combination of active learning and demonstration methods and supplemental materials, depending on the intended learning outcomes.

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Information Literacy

“Ultimately, information literate people are those who have learned how to learn. They know how to learn because they know how knowledge is organized, how to find information, and how to use information in such a way that others can learn from them. They are people prepared for lifelong learning, because they can always find the information needed for any task or decision at hand” (ALA Presidential Committee on Information Literacy Final Report, 1989).

The Library Instruction Program’s learning outcomes support Boise State University’s Critical Inquiry learning outcome: “engage in effective critical inquiry by defining problems, gathering and evaluating evidence, and determining the adequacy of argumentative discourse.”