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RSS – Journal Feeds and Alerts

A feed, recognized by a (Real Simple Syndication) or similar symbol, is a piece of code that allows new web content (news, blogs, video blogs, podcasts, etc.) to be updated and displayed in a news reader (also called an aggregator). A “news reader” is a web page where you can subscribe and read news feeds, or RSS-enabled content. These news readers can be web-based or installed in your computer. Alerts via e-mail are available as well and can be handy if you prefer to have your updates delivered this way.

Most research databases allow you to subscribe to newly-updated content from journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. via RSS feeds or e-mail alerts. Whenever a web site adds new content, be they periodicals, podcasts, blogs, etc., you will be notified via your news reader or favorite aggregator client. It’s a convenient way to know, at once, whether a website, blog or other news-based entity has published something new without having to visit each individual site.

Albertsons Library provides access to over 230 indexes and databases, some which allow you to subscribe to journal titles, specific search criteria, or e-mail alerts. Please note: for e-mail alerts and RSS/feed syndication to work, you must register or create a profile in each database of your choice. Please contact the Library if you need assistance with any of these resources.