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Accelerated Masters Program


The Accelerated Master of Science in Cybersecurity is an exciting opportunity for selected Boise State University undergraduate students. This program allows current Boise State undergrads to select two graduate courses that can be taken during their undergraduate career and applied to both their Bachelor’s degree and Master of Science in Cybersecurity degree requirements. Students accepted into the accelerated masters degree track can complete their MS in as little as one year.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of no fewer than 75 credits towards a relevant bachelor’s degree, including completion of CS321 for students interested in a Computer Science Emphasis; MATH307 for Cryptanalysis and Signals Analysis Emphasis; and ITM305 for Management Emphasis, by the end of the application semester.
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • GPA of at least 3.3 on a 4.0 scale in upper-division coursework

Applicants are not required to take GRE examination.

Meeting these eligibility requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the accelerated master’s degree programs and the Dean of the Graduate College will make the final decision on whether an undergraduate student is accepted into this program. When students in the accelerated program complete their undergraduate degree requirements, they will receive their bachelor’s degree and will then be classified as graduate students to continue their studies in the master’s program.

Application Materials

You must submit all of the following application materials in order to be considered for the master of science in Cybersecurity program:

  • Application to the Boise State University Graduate College.  Under the “Academic Goal” section you will be asked if this is an Accelerated Application.  You must mark “yes” to be considered for an accelerated track.
  • Transcript. Official transcripts must be sent by your previous school, or an approved transcript service provider. Please review this page for full details Submit Official Transcripts
  • A resume/CV.  Please include a comprehensive description of your academic and professional credentials and achievements.
  • Personal statement.  Please include information about your future career goals and how this program will help you achieve those goals, any work experience or academic successes, and any other information that could provide evidence of your motivation, skills, and character.  Please limit your statement to less than 500 words.

NOTE: The GRE or GMAT scores are NOT required. Submission of one recommendation letter is strongly encouraged, but not required.

Application Process

Students should take the following steps once all application fees have been submitted:

1. Contact the program administrator at to help arrange a consultation with a program coordinator who will help to find the graduate courses you should take.

2. Complete the “Permit for Seniors to Take Graduate Courses” form (available at the registrar’s web site) for each graduate course you are taking. Be sure to choose Option III on that form and designate “MS in Cybersecurity” for your program.

3. Collect a signature from your course instructor and send it to the Master of Science in Cybersecurity email at  We’ll take it from there.

4. The Registrar’s Office will handle the enrollment for you. Do not try to enroll in these graduate courses yourself.

NOTE: Please be aware that you will be charged graduate tuition and fees for the graduate courses you take.