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Praxis Information

There is one test required as you progress through your program toward certification, called the Praxis test. This test is required by the state, and passing is generally not a problem for prepared music students–as long as you remember to take the test by the time you need it.

We have been told by the College of Education and from experience by students who have taken the test that you MUST REGISTER EARLY. For example, exam dates in March will fill up and close in January. Results and processing can also take some time. Many of the deadlines for applications requiring these test scores happen very early in each semester. For all these reasons, plan ahead to have your exams done and scored in plenty of time before you need them.

When should I take the Praxis II subject exam?

You should take the Praxis II Music Content Knowledge exam NO LATER than the end of your third year (on a four-year plan). You must have these scores before you apply to student teach. This application happens early in your field experience semester.

Students may visit the Educational Testing Services website for state specific passing score requirements, practice tests and questions, and additional information.

Where can I get help with the Praxis test?

  • There are official study guides available in Albertsons Library. Click here to view the library item information. There is a  study guide specifically for the Praxis II music exams (be sure to study for the Music Content Knowledge test, and not the other different tests in music).
  • You can ask a student who has taken the exams about his or her experience.

When planning for your Praxis test, imagine this countdown to graduation:

  • Last semester: Student teaching. Everything else is done.
  • Two semesters from graduation: Field Experience Semester. Apply to student teach, deadline is early in the semester, must have Praxis II scores ready.
  • Three semesters from graduation: Take Praxis II. Apply for admission to the Teacher Education program in the College of Education, deadline is early in the semester.

If you have any questions about the Praxis Exam, you can also contact your advisor for music education or Dr. Lori Gray at

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