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ONLINE: Music Collaborations from the Pandemic

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Boise State Jazz Orchestra – Dr. Derek Ganong, Director

  1. Trancy – Composer Bassthoven and Rob Walker Mixed by: Dr. Derek Ganong Soloist Harris Jackson, guitar
  2. Cry Baby – Composer: Jared Hallock, ASCAP
    Arranger Ray Tarantola Mixed by: Jared Hallock
    Soloists Zachary Arana, guitar; Dr. Derek Ganong, trumpet
  3. Hadrosaur Patrol – Composer Ben Morris
    Mixed by: Dr. Derek Ganong Soloists: Kevin Littrell, guitar; Dr. Derek Ganong, trumpet
  4. Shrub – Composer: Jared Knight and Collin McFadden Mixed by Dr. Derek Ganong Soloists: Randy Bauer, trumpet;
    Harris Jackson, guitar; Dr. Derek Ganong, trumpet
  5. Chimes – Composer: Nell Carson Featuring: Zack Marks,
    drums: Mike Greenwood, keytar: Mixed by: Nell Carson
    Soloist Mike Greenwood, keytar
  6. Deep Chill – Composer: Russ Spiegel Featuring: Carlos
    Mata-Alvarez, keyboard and drum programming; Mike Haddox and Brian Dubrow, guitars Mixed by: Dr. Russ Spiegel Soloists Matt Short, tenor saxophone; Mike Haddox, guitar
  7. ONLINE – Composer: Dr. Rafael Piccolotto de Lima
    Featuring, Zack Marks, drums Mixed by: Dr. Rafael Piccolotto
    De Lima Soloists. Keegan Saunders, saxophone; Dr. Derek
    Ganong, flugelhorn

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Boise State Jazz Orchestra

Album art designed in collaboration with Prof. Brooke Cassity / 377 Graphic Design Studio III, Fall 2020 in The Department of Art, Design, & Visual Studies

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Boise State Lab Band

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