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Lynn Lubamersky Presents Holocaust Research in Gdańsk, Poland

Lynn in Poland

Associate professor of history Lynn Lubamersky traveled to Gdańsk, Poland, to present her research, “From Partisan Resister to War Criminal: Three Women and the Memory of the Holocaust in Lithuania,” at the Seventh World Congress on Polish Studies held at the University of Gdańsk on June 15.

While there, Lubamersky was able to visit the Gdańsk shipyard, which has been transformed into the European Solidarity Centre, a living monument to the victory of Solidarity’s peaceful revolution fostering the ideas of freedom, democracy and solidarity.

Lubamersky received an Erasmus + International Faculty Exchange Grant and was able to spend a week collaborating with Polish historians at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, which is the birthplace of Copernicus.

In fall 2019, she will be teaching modern Polish history and the history of the Holocaust for the University Studies Abroad Consortium in Kraków, Poland.