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New Boise State policies approved

Several new and revised Boise State policies recently have been approved. Please contact Angie Zirschky (, or the responsible party listed in the policy, with questions.

New Policies Approved

Problem-Solving Procedure (7560) – Approved 09/2019. New policy that combines and replaces the previous problem-solving policies for classified and non-classified/professional staff creating a consistent process.

Revised Policies Approved

Non-Classified Employees Due Process and Appeal Procedures (7310) – Revised 10/2019. Revised deleting Section 3.2, Professional Staff Employee Problem Solving Procedure, from the policy. The problem solving procedure for classified and professional/non-classified staff is covered in University Policy 7560 (Problem-Solving Procedure).

Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus (9110) – Revised 10/2019. Revised expanding the current non-smoking mandate to a non-smoking and tobacco-free mandate on university-owned or -leased properties, including university vehicles.

Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment (12050) – Revised 10/2019. Revised combining the policy with University Policy 12030 (Threat Assessment). The combined policies articulate the CARE Team’s authority to engage in threat assessment and management activities and formalize how the university addresses potential safety threats to members of the university community and to university premises.

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (1060) – Revised 09/2019. Revised adding Timeliness/Statute of Limitations under Section 4.4.1A. Under Section 4.4.10F – External Investigator, the requirement for any outside investigator to follow the same process as an internal investigator pursuant to the policy was added.

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking (1065) – Revised 09/2019. Revised adding Timeliness/Statute of Limitations under Section 4.4.1A. Under Section 4.4.11F – External Investigator, the requirement for any outside investigator to follow the same process as an internal investigator pursuant to the policy was added.

Sponsored Programs Cost Transfer (5090) – Revised 09/2019. Revised removing the procedural information from the policy and bringing the policy into alignment with the OMB Uniform Guidance. Procedural information is located on the Office of Sponsored Program’s website.

Information Technology Accessibility (8140) – Revised 09/2019. Revised under Section 4.1.c. deleting the Systems Architectural Review Board (SARB) consultation for accessibility standards and requirements. Under Section 4.1.e., language was added designating responsibility for ensuring department/unit compliance with the policy to the Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer if a department/unit is unable to designate an IT Accessibility Liaison. Under Section 4.4., language was revised allowing departments to address accessibility concerns before a formal compliant is filed with the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics, and under Section 4.3., language was added clarifying how to file a complaint for individuals who feel they have been discriminated against on the basis of disability.

Collection, Management, and Public Display of University Art (9090) – Revised 09/2019. Revised definition of “public art” to include memorial tributes and expanded public spaces to include hallways and classrooms. Also clarified public art may be large-scale monuments or small-scale and intimate. Revised definition of “university art collection” allowing department representatives with knowledge of best practices in conservation and storage of collection items to manage sections of the university art collection, and updated membership on the University Art Collections Committee (UACC).

Protection of Minors (12060) – Revised 09/2019. Revised bringing the policy into alignment with University Policy 7005 (Background Verifications). Under Section 4.1.2, Where to Report Minor Abuse, the requirement to also report suspected minor abuse to the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics after reporting to local law enforcement was added. Under Section 4.3.1., Program Registration, a requirement was added for all minors in programs to register with the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics no less than 14 days before the event. Under Section 5., Appendix A – Code of Conduct for Interacting with Minors in University Programs, an additional conduct expectation was added requiring individuals interacting with Minors in Programs to comply with University Policy 12080 (Possession of Firearms/Weapons or University-Owned or-Controlled Premises).

Approved Policy Deletions

  • Classified Employee Problem Solving Procedure (7440) – Deleted 10/2019. Policy approved for deletion with the approval of University Policy 7560 (Problem-Solving Procedure) covering both classified and non-classified/professional staff.
  • Threat Assessment (12030) – Deleted 10/2019. Policy approved for deletion. This policy was combined with University Policy 12050 (Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment).
  • Records Committee (1010) – Deleted 09/2019. Policy approved for deletion. There is no longer a Records Committee. Albertsons Library maintains University archives.
    Public Relations and Alcohol Expenses (6250) and Meals and Refreshments Local Funds (6260) – Deleted 09/2019. These policies were combined into University Policy 6240 (Meals and Refreshments).
  • Scheduling Use of Boise State Grounds (9060) – Deleted 09/2019. Policy no longer represented a contemporary process for scheduling use of Boise State grounds. Revisions were made to University Policy 1100 (Use of University Space) in July of 2016 reflecting the current process for reserving public areas on campus.