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The Venture College Incubator is back and applications are open

The spring 2020 semester marks the return of the Venture College Incubator, a 10-week non-credit program available to all Boise State students. The deadline to apply is Jan. 15.

The program is “a place for students who are ready to take their ideas beyond the classroom,” said Nic Miller, director of the Venture College. “It gives them the ability to continue their learning, but also take ownership of an idea, whether that’s a nonprofit or a business, and make it their own.”

The incubator will offer mentorship, a community of fellow student innovators and the potential for seed funding to help students pursue their ideas. The application process will include an interview with Venture College faculty.

The incubator first got its start in 2013, shortly after the opening of the Venture College. It’s been on hiatus for the last couple of years, but after experimenting with different programs for students and different ways for them to launch their ideas, “we found nothing served them as well as the incubator,” Miller said.

The program has helped launch over 100 ventures – including businesses and nonprofits – and has generated millions of dollars in revenue, said Miller.

“Many of those ventures are still operating today,” he added.

Past incubator success stories include Hannalore Hein, a Boise State graduate recently appointed Idaho State historian, and Lumineye, the Boise State-born company that created a device to help first responders and others detect people through walls.

To apply for the Venture College Incubator, visit: