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Ross Burkhart interviewed in Russian on Trump’s political future

Ross Burkhart, a professor in the School of Public Service and director of the public policy and administration doctoral program, recently was interviewed by a television reporter in Kazakhstan. Aisaule Baigazina, who works for Atameken Business Channel in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, interviewed Burkhart for a piece that roughly translates to “Trump as a phenomenon in the political arena.” The segment reviews the Trump administration’s performance in domestic and foreign policy with an eye toward the 2020 presidential election. The report also focuses on economic and business policy.

He discusses the upcoming election and President Trump’s favorable chances of re-election because the economy is doing relatively well, however, those chances are somewhat clouded due to his low levels of public approval. Burkhart’s analysis is based on his recent article, “It isn’t just the economy, stupid,” on presidential elections and the state of the economy in the School of Public Service popular scholarship journal, The Blue Review.