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Ahmed publishes on perpetual education insecurity among the Rohingya

Saleh Ahmed, assistant professor in the School of Public Service recently published on education insecurity among the Rohingya, a stateless ethnic minority group who fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh in 2017 in response to ethnic violence. Co-authored with Robin Al-Haddad and Kendra Duran, “A lost generation: perpetual education insecurity among the Rohingya” appeared in the journal Race, Ethnicity and Education.

Drawing upon available literature and primary fieldwork, this study examines the social, cultural, and political determinants of learning opportunities for Rohingya children. Ahmed and co-authors note that government restrictions on accredited education, COVID-19 related school closures, failures in launching a pilot of the Myanmar curriculum and recent government plans to relocate refugees to Bhasan Char Island have created a ‘lost generation’ of Rohingya youth.