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Poole speaks on panel at Innovation Summit

School of Nursing Divisional Dean Shelle Poole spoke on a panel at an Innovation Summit hosted by St. Luke’s Health System on Sept. 22. She brought her extensive expertise in organizational leadership and strategic management to a discussion entitled “Defining Innovation for Your Own Organization”.

Poole’s focus for unleashing innovation is to “set the people within an organization free.”

“People are creative and innovative when they feel safe and empowered,” she said. Her key message coupled that idea with the encouragement to “stay curious.”

The Innovation Summit is an annual event for the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (more commonly referred to as CHIME), a national group bringing together chief innovation officers and digital executives to collaboratively solve healthcare problems. The organization recognized the School of Nursing for being a place of innovation and collaboration with local healthcare systems, and it included a tour of the school as part of the summit.