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Boise State Day at the College of Southern Idaho strengthens partnerships

Boise State University, the College of Southern Idaho and Magic Valley leaders renewed their shared commitment to educational access for students at Boise State Day, a signature community engagement event at College of Southern Idaho. Boise State Day connects locals and students to Boise State leaders and staff.

Boise State Day staff in a group in front of a blue photo backdrop.
Staff at 2022 Boise State Day.

Adriana Martinez-Saldana, Boise State’s extended studies coordinator based at the College of Southern Idaho, led planning efforts. “This event showcased all the wonderful opportunities Boise State has to offer to local students and connected Boise State to our higher education partners, Magic Valley businesses and their employees looking to enhance their skills in the changing business climate here,” she said.

A joint meeting between Boise State college leaders, staff and faculty with the College of Southern Idaho counterparts to collaborate on ideas and expectations of the partnership was an important part of the day. 

“The event allowed me to put faces with names and programs — this is priceless,” said Shelley McEuen, College of Southern Idaho department chair for social science and communication. “Making these kinds of connections enables collaboration at a more fundamental level. Plus, it’s simply fun to meet colleagues in a setting where we are positioned as partners.” 

University partners sit at tables and talk.
Partnership meetings at 2022 Boise State Day.

Additionally, Boise State partnered with the United Way of South Central Idaho and Leadercast to host 140 Magic Valley leaders and connect them to training and professional development opportunities as part of the day’s activities.

All of the events support the Division of Extended Studies and Professional and Continuing Education goals to offer professional development and lifelong learning programs that empower individuals, fulfill workforce needs and strengthen communities.

Several additional events are now in the planning phase for specific departments to strengthen partnerships with their counterparts at the College of Southern Idaho, and to showcase transfer pathways for students. To create an individualized event for a department or program, please contact Adriana Martinez-Saldana via email at

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