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Lucas speaks to Sports Illustrated about Tour de France Femme

Shelley Lucas headshot
Shelley Lucas, associate professor of kinesiology

Shelley Lucas, associate professor for the Department of Kinesiology and a sport historian, was interviewed by Sports Illustrated about the Tour de France Femme professional women’s cycling stage race. The 2022 event was a significant opportunity for women to be highlighted in the world of cycling, as this was the first time women were included in the world famous cycling race. Women have participated in cycling for a very long time, but have rarely received the same recognition or opportunities as men.

“The governing bodies of cycling have historically, and continue to be, run by men, who still today have preconceived notions about women’s physicality and what their bodies can and should do,” Lucas said in the article.

“I want people to understand that women have been racing bikes for a very long time and have struggled to receive the same recognition, opportunities and resources as have the male cyclists,” Lucas said. “I hope that people will support the steps that are being taken to promote a more equitable sporting space for women.”

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