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Fee information for programs hosting minors on campus

Boise State serves thousands of minors annually through a wide range of university and non-university programs, and students, staff, faculty and volunteers interact with minors in a variety of ways related to these events. In 2014, to support safe and enriching experiences for minors involved in programs sponsored by Boise State, or taking place at Boise State owned or controlled properties, the university developed the minors on campus program and the Protection of Minors Policy (Policy 12060).

In 2023, as camps and other programs and activities for minors return to campus, the university will reimplement a per participant administrative fee. This fee will ensure appropriate staffing for the minors on campus program and system support to maintain compliance with university policies and to fulfill the institution’s responsibility to provide safe spaces for youth on campus.

Administrative fee structure for university programs

University programs are programs in which the university accepts custody and control of minors.

  • $5 per registrant for day-use only programs with a registration fee of $50 or more.
  • 10% of the registration fee for day-use only programs with a registration fee under $50 per registrant (for example, a registration fee of $40 would incur an additional $4 administrative fee).
  • $10 per registrant for any overnight program.

Administrative fee structure for non-university programs

Non-university programs are programs held on campus owned or controlled properties in which third-party organizations accept custody and control of minors.

  • $5 per registrant for all day-use only programs, regardless of registration fee.
  • $10 per registrant for all overnight programs.

The collected fees will be used to staff the minors on campus program, create and implement updated online and in person training on the prevention of child abuse, and support system upgrades for compliance tracking and registration systems.

Programs for minors should add the appropriate administrative fee onto their registration costs starting in January, 2023. Funds collected will be transferred to the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics on a set schedule depending on the type of program or activity involved.

Those with questions on how this fee applies to their programs, or programs hosted by third parties in facilities they control, can email

As a reminder, all camps or activities for minors should be registered with the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics, using the forms available at their website.