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New employee recognition tool available on myBoiseState

A new employee recognition tool, Thank a Bronco, is now available for employees to extend gratitude and appreciation to one another.

“Appreciation that flows to both the employee and their supervisor supports many of Human Resources’ objectives,” said Annie Hightower, interim associate vice president for human resources. “It fosters a thriving community through constructive employee engagement and connection, and provides helpful feedback for employees to track how they contribute to the university.”

Using Thank a Bronco to recognize one another

To recognize an employee follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Thank a Bronco” below the “News” section, or navigate to ‘Thank a Bronco’, under “Employee” on the left sidebar of the new myBoiseState.
  2. Click the “Thank a Bronco” button.
  3. Type an employee’s name to autofill an email address.
  4. Type a message of appreciation, agree to the terms of service and click on the submit button. To send a message to a student employee, there is a manual function under the message.

Ensuring safe and civil messaging

All messages flow through the Human Resources employee relations team to ensure that all content adheres to Boise State’s shared values. After the content has been approved, the message will be sent via email to the employee and the employee’s direct supervisor. Recipients will have the option to make the message public. Once a message is made public, other colleagues can view recent messages and click on the message ‘heart’ icon to give colleagues additional affirmation.

Building the Thank a Bronco tool

The idea for the tool came from faculty recruiter, Kristen Martin, who worked for a company that used employee recognition software and thought a similar tool would be useful for Boise State.

“It’s inspiring to see an employee’s idea come to life,” said Jordy LePiane, assistant director for the Human Resources welcome team. “Kristen worked with talented teams across campus and it never could have happened without her vision and collaborator’s expertise.”

Martin partnered with the Office of Information Technology’s web development team who built the platform from the ground up, making several iterations to improve the user experience. With advice from the Office of Communications and Marketing on naming and branding, the tool was developed quickly, over just a few months.

“Our web development team rises to every challenge,” said Max Davis-Johnson, associate vice president and chief information officer. “They have an employee-first culture and exemplify Boise State’s innovative spirit.”

For technical assistance with the Thank a Bronco tool, contact the help desk. For additional questions, contact Human Resources at