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Boise State School of Nursing has expanded the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in order to combat the nursing shortage in Idaho. We are very excited about the expansion and plan on continuing growth of our nursing programs in the future!

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Pre-Nursing vs. Bachelor of Science Nursing Program

Unlike most programs at Boise State, students interested in completing a bachelor’s degree in nursing do not directly enter the university as a nursing major. Instead, students choose the pre-nursing major and spend the first 2-4 semesters completing the required pre-nursing courses.

Points of Pride

✔ Boise State graduates consistently achieve higher pass rates for Registered Nurse licensure than the national average.

✔ The Bachelor of Science nursing program has awarded over $1.5 million in scholarships during the last three years.

✔ Our faculty are supportive teachers who are passionate about nursing. The nursing program has an exceptional 8:1 faculty/student ratio in our undergraduate clinical courses.

✔ The accredited state-of-the-art simulation center at Boise State enables students to acquire and practice clinical nursing skills in a safe, controlled environment.

✔ The School of Nursing has developed strong partnerships with local health care facilities that expand clinical experience opportunities for our students and provide key introductions to potential employers.

✔ Our students participate in a variety of regional and international service projects.

Student with open book taking notes Undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes

PLO 1: Communication (Oral and Written)

PLO 2: Clinical Reasoning and Critical Inquiry

PLO 3: Experiential Learning

PLO 4: Professionalism and Leadership

PLO 5: Global World View

Application Requirements

Admission to the nursing program is competitive. Each year, there are many students majoring in pre-nursing who meet the requirements to submit an application. We are very excited to announce our program is growing! In previous semesters, our cohorts were limited to 60 students in the Spring and Fall semesters. However, beginning Fall 2019, 80 students per cycle will be admitted.

  • Applicants to the nursing program must earn a grade of C or above in all pre-nursing courses and have a cumulative college GPA of 3.0 or above in order for their nursing application to be considered by the School of Nursing for admission.
  • Pre-nursing courses may be taken at Boise State University or eligible courses may be transferred to Boise State from other schools. Some pre-nursing courses may be in progress when a student applies to the nursing program, but most pre-nursing courses must be completed before applying.

Nursing Program Curriculum

Students accepted into the nursing program can anticipate a challenging academic experience that emphasizes the strong professional values, core nursing competencies and leadership skills needed in today’s complex healthcare environment. The nursing curriculum includes an inter-professional capstone course and courses in nursing leadership, health promotion, family health, mental health, environmental health, adult and pediatric care, medical and surgical care, psychiatric care, and public/community health and management.

In addition to didactic courses, nursing students complete clinical rotations at sites that include schools, district health departments, hospitals and health care clinics.