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Resources for Preceptors

Required Form for New Preceptors

If you are a new preceptor, the School of Nursing requires the submission of a curriculum vitae and various credential, licensure, schedule, and patient load/acuity information.

Student Evaluation Tool

Boise State uses Typhon Group’s Nurse Practitioner Student Tracking (NPST) System, an internet-based system to evaluate student’s clinical competencies at the conclusion of each clinical rotation. Before you begin your first rotation, Typhon login information will be sent to you via email.

Program Feedback

In addition to completing student evaluations, Typhon has a tool for submitting a program survey on Boise State’s nurse practitioner program. We also encourage you to contact us with your questions and your feedback about the program is appreciated and valued.

Strategies & Development Tools for Preceptors

Boise State is committed to providing students with high quality, supportive clinical experiences. We encourage all preceptors to continuously develop their teaching, precepting, and evaluation skills.