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Suzan Kardong-Edgren Wins National League for Nursing Excellence in Research Award

School of Nursing Jody DeMeyer Endowed Chair Suzan Kardong-Edgren is being honored with the National League for Nursing Excellence in Research Award for 2013, which recognizes outstanding nurse researchers who have made enduring contributions to the field of nursing education research.

Kardong-Edgren is a national and international expert in simulation education and research. She has been involved in countless numbers of nursing research studies and has published numerous peer reviewed publications.

Kardong-Edgren recognizes that simulation is going to “fundamentally change nursing education, if not health sciences education, as we know it. Schools and budgets will be built around massive open online courses for didactic learning, a discussion group or home base group for socialization, and clinical will be built around a simulation core, then hospital experience for fine tuning.”