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How to Join SNA

Step 1:

NSNA dues can be paid online with either $35/1 year or $70/2 year membership dues (these totals may be subject to change).

Save the confirmation email.

Pay NSNA Dues

Step 2:

BSU SNA dues consist of a one time fee of $20.00 that covers all 5 nursing semesters and can be paid through Student Involvement and eMarket (see following link). Save the confirmation email.

After you have paid both fees, send both confirmation emails to

Pay SNA Dues

Step 3:

Join SNA on Engage

BSU Enage 

Engage in Your Future by Being a Leader Today!

A Nursing Student writes on a whiteboard during a group activity.

SNA elections run throughout the month of October. All positions will be open!

Nomination period is open from October 1st – October 30th. Nominees will be voted into positions at the voting-in ceremony to take place in November. To be included on the ballot, your nomination must be submitted to

Instructions to submit your nomination:

Email to your full name, what position you would like to have and what you hope to accomplish for the nursing student community at BSU in this position.

Board Officers and Responsibilities


  • Guide the vision and goals of SNA
  • Preside at meetings of the association.
  • Serve as chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Vice President:

  • Assume the responsibilities as delegated by the president
  • Preside over meetings in President’s absence
  • Be responsible for the elected process to held no later than October of each school year
  • Perform other duties assigned by the president and/or as usual to
    this office


  • Serve as chairperson of the budget/finance committee
  • Submit financial reports to the membership as directed by President
  • Keep a permanent record of all dues received from members and any
    other income and expenses
  • Remit payment for approved debits according to the following
  • Disbursement of funds:
    Request for disbursement of funds shall be made in writing to the board of directors
  • Upon approval the treasurer will initiate ASBSU funds dispersal
    processes for those request approved
  • No funds will be disbursed without prior approval
  • Perform other duties assigned by the president and/or usual to this


  • Record and distribute the minutes of all meetings of this
    association as directed by the President.
  • Keep on file and distribute board and general meeting minutes to members and directors.
  • Maintain role of attendance at both general and BOD meetings.
  • Perform other duties assigned by the president and/or as usual to
    this office

Other Positions:

Student Mentor Team

  • Chair: oversee program and provide resources for all mentors. Work with Liaison to address issues in a professional manner in accordance with ANA Code of Ethics.
  • Liaison: Communicate with mentors to identify what currently works and areas needing improvement to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Promotions Team

  • U-Store Director– Manage SNA’s online merchandise store by monitoring and reordering inventory and coordinating with students to deliver purchases in a timely manner.
  • Newsletter Publisher– Create and disperse student-oriented information and SNA activities in monthly newsletters. Our current publisher has created templates for the incoming director!
  • Social Media Director– Manage the SNA Facebook page and website ( by keeping sites updated, posting current events on a weekly basis, and rotating flyers around the SON as needed
  • Membership Director– Track memberships and NSNA numbers and update the University’s online portal, OrgSync, with new member email addresses.

Event Team

  • Events Coordinator: Coordinate and schedule events for the semester as set by the board. SNA holds 1 general meeting, 1 board meeting, and 1 event per month in each semester, this schedule organized at the last meeting of every semester.
  • Media Director: Assist in promoting events and work with the Social Media Director to create and rotate fliers throughout the SON.

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