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Syllabuses (Policy FP-12)

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Effective Date

Spring 2002

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

All School of Nursing faculty.

Scope and Audience

All School of Nursing faculty.

Additional Authority

BSU: Calculation of GPA (Policy 3230)

1. Policy Purpose

Faculty are required to adhere to this policy for syllabuses.

2. Policy Statement

All faculty in the School of Nursing are to use the appropriate syllabus template for the program they are teaching in. Templates may be found on the school drive, and unless otherwise noted must retain all elements present in the template.

At times faculty may be required to submit a syllabus revision to the Curriculum Teams. Certain significant changes to a course require the course syllabus to be submitted to the Curriculum Team for review. Included among these (but not limited to these) are:

  • Change in course credit
  • Change in course title and/or description
  • Change in level objectives selected for use in course
  • Change in course objectives
  • Change in benchmark assignments linked to program outcomes

Faculty are responsible to send a copy of their syllabus each semester to the designated staff member or program director. Change in course delivery method must be approved by the appropriate Program Director, the Chief Nurse Administrator and the Divisional Dean.

Related Information

BSU: Calculation of GPA (Policy 3230)

CHS: None

SON: Faculty and Staff Expectations (Policy FSP-02)

Last Review Date


Revision History

July 2020, August 2020, 4/1/2022