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Faculty and Staff Expectations (Policy FSP-02)

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Effective Date

Summer 2018

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

School of Nursing Divisional Dean, Chief Nurse Administrator, Organizational Workstream Leads (OWLS)

Scope and Audience

Full and part-time faculty and staff members.

Additional Authority

BSU: Workload for Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty (Policy 4560)

CHS: CHS Core Values, Work Expectations (Policy CHS-215)

1. Policy Purpose

To define annual expectations for all faculty and staff members.

2. Policy Statement

The policy ensures that faculty and staff members are aware of their responsibilities in the School of Nursing. In addition, all faculty and staff members are responsible to comply with all Boise State University, state, and federal policies.

3. Communication/Documentation

  1. Maintain confidentiality in all matters of faculty, staff, and student issues as identified in the School of Nursing Confidentiality Statement.
  2. Discuss with the appropriate supervisor any upcoming absences to ensure smooth delivery of programs.
  3. Report behaviors of concern of students, staff, or faculty to the appropriate supervisor per report lines.

4. Professional Behaviors

  1. Demonstrate positive support of all Boise State University, College of Health Sciences (COHS), and School of Nursing (SON) policies.
  2. Promote the Mission, Vision, and Goals of the COHS and SON.
  3. Comply with criteria for not transporting students in personal vehicles.
  4. Participate in the development, review, and revision of academic policies.
  5. Attend School, Program, and Team meetings in person or via Zoom. If unable to attend, provide advance notice and make arrangements to obtain/disseminate missed meeting information.
  6. Maintain expertise and credentials in specialty courses/programs through ongoing professional development.
  7. Complete any reports requested by SON in a timely manner.
  8. Participate on School Teams and ad hoc committees as assigned.
  9. Maintain compliance with the annual School faculty requirements and documentation such as professional licensure (RN, AGNP, etc.) driver’s license, auto insurance, health requirements, CPR, etc.
  10. Compliance with all regulating entities (i.e. IBON, University policies, compliance requirements, etc.)

If you are faculty, the following also apply:

  1. Comply with the Boise State University’s, COHS, and the SON’s Workload Policy.
  2. If assigned to a class: prepare syllabi, course sites, and communicate with the program director, colleagues and staff as needed prior to the start of the semester the course is offered.
  3. Document any proposed course content revisions and submit them to the appropriate program director and/or Curriculum Team for approval.
  4. Submit end-of-course grades and any clinical student evaluations (mid-term and/or final) for filing prior to due date.
  5. Complete clinical site evaluations as required.
  6. All RNs teaching in the School of Nursing regardless of program option must have current Idaho or compact state nursing licensure. The cost of this licensure is upon the faculty member. If the faculty member’s job at Boise State requires licensure in another state to teach their assigned course(s) the School of Nursing may reimburse for licensure.
  7. Complete the Annual Faculty Evaluation, which includes a self-assessment of each semester’s student and course evaluations. Also, identify new annual goals, and submit with the Annual Evaluation to the appropriate Program Director before the due date.
  8. Maintain at least four (4) available office hours per week as appropriate to the program delivery method and student needs and document this in course syllabi.
  9. Begin all classes on time as scheduled.
  10. Maintain professional attire with appropriate identification as appropriate.
  11. Responsible for following university guidelines concerning storage of research data and forms.
  12. Provide course, research, and intellectual property hand off per university policy to the appropriate faculty and/or program director upon separation from the School of Nursing.

5. Forms


Related Information

BSU: Workload for Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty (Policy 4560)
CHS: None
SON: Professional Attire for Clinical Teaching Faculty (Policy FP–09), Faculty (and Specified Staff) Health Requirements (Policy FSP-03), Faculty Workload (Policy FP-11)

Last Review Date


Revision History

Summer Spring 2014, Summer 2018, July 2020, 4/1/2022