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Incompletes (Policy SON-13)

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Effective Date

Spring 2008

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

Full and part-time Faculty.

Scope and Audience

All students in the School of Nursing.

Additional Authority

BSU: Changes in Final Grades (Policy 3180) 

1. Policy Purpose

To receive a grade of Incomplete, a student must meet the basic criteria specified in the current catalog for Boise State University under “Incompletes”.

2. Policy Statement

Policy for Didactic Courses

The student and faculty will sign an online grading contract stipulating the work the student must do to receive a grade in the course as specified in the Boise State University catalog.

However, if the incomplete will be in a course that is listed as a required course within the nursing curriculum, then the consent must specify that the grade of incomplete be removed before the start of the next semester’s nursing course(s). The online grading contract should stipulate these dates clearly.

Policy for Clinical Courses

The criteria for completing a clinical course will be determined on individual factors. These factors may include, but are not limited to, clinical competency prior to the Incomplete grade being given, the time lapse between the cessation and continuation of the clinical course, and the time necessary to demonstrate competency once the course has been resumed. Clinical faculty must accompany students whenever they are in a clinical facility. Completion of clinical courses can only occur in the appropriate clinical settings. Clinical placements are limited to scheduled semester timelines. The completion of the clinical course is based on space availability.

For courses not specified for completion and beginning of the new semester in the Nursing Program progression policy, incompletes must be given and removed following university guidelines. Coursework must be completed within one year or the student will automatically receive a grade of “F”.

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Last Review Date


Revision History

Spring 2008, Spring 2021, 4/1/2022