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Your Responsibilities For Your Success

As a college student, you are ultimately responsible for your learning experience.

You’ve made the life-changing decision to complete your degree and better your life. As an online student, you will have many individuals cheering you on and helping you achieve your goal as well as resources to help you along the way–but you must reach out to them.

Accept the responsibility and time commitment that comes with earning your online degree.

Online degrees may be more flexible with when you can dedicate time to your coursework, but this doesn’t mean you can skimp on the amount of time that you dedicate. For each credit you enroll in, expect 2.5 to 9 hours, depending on the number of classes you enroll in and how long the session lasts.

Stay motivated throughout the class, the semester and the school year by setting a series of mini-goals–and rewards! This will help you stay on task and remind you why you are in school.

As a Boise State student, you are responsible for…

  1. Complying with classroom and program expectations.
  2. Adhering to the Boise State Student Code of Conduct.

Take a few minutes to review these responsibilities so you know what is expected of you in the classroom, in your academic program, and as a member of the campus community.