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What is the Value of an Online Degree?

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Pursuing a college degree can be a big investment – but is a degree still worth the expense?

A college degree can lead to new job opportunities and increase your earning potential. When comparing average weekly earnings, those with a college degree earn more than those without a degree. Degree holders make approximately 44 percent more than those who don’t have any higher education and 36 percent more than those with some college, no degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Although a college degree has its financial benefits, traditional on-campus programs don’t always offer flexibility for working professionals.

A college degree can lead to better job security, but working professionals need a program built for them to make it worthwhile. Degrees earned through Boise State Online provide the same economic benefits as those earned on campus but adapt to students’ needs through intentional design.

What’s the Value of an Online Degree?

Student success starts with programs designed to inspire learning in an online classroom. With more than 55 accredited programs and certificates in the Boise State Online program, it can be hard to know where to start.

Our Student Success Coaches work with students to help them select a program that fits their needs. Coaches take the time to get to know you and your journey. Learning more about you can help you take advantage of your work experience with programs like the Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies, or your technical associate’s degree with the Bachelor of Applied Science.

After admission, your support team doesn’t stop there. Our Student Success Advisors assist you through graduation. Your advisor will help you select classes, answer questions and connect you with the resources you need to be successful.

Our students also have access to resources like Career Services. The support from Career Services isn’t just for graduates or those looking for jobs. With the help of coaches and advisors, individuals like Mary Sweeney, Online Career Counselor for Career Services identify programs and career opportunities and create a tailored plan for students. Sweeney says that when it comes to student plans and degree programs, “one-size doesn’t fit all” because “…your career doesn’t exist in a bubble.” Students have needs outside of the traditional 8-5 business hours, making online programs an excellent match.

With the right program that fits your needs and your skills, Career Services can help you make the most of your degree. From networking strategies to resume and interview assistance, your support team will help you articulate how all of your skills and your degree make you a desirable employee.

By getting to know you, our team makes sure you have an intentional plan to help you reach your goals. The entire Boise State Online team works together to help you – you have the support of real people who care.

Connecting you to your future

So, is an online degree worth the investment?

The value of an online degree stems from your personal and professional aspirations and how that degree will complement your skills, abilities and goals. Whether pursuing a new career path or moving forward in a current one, an online degree can help you get there. We know that a degree can be a valuable asset to your future, so our team is here to help.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how our degree programs fit with your goals, visit the Boise State Online website for more details or contact our Student Success Coaches at (208) 426-5921.

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Note: The Multidisciplinary Studies Program name was changed to Interdisciplinary Professional Studies in April 2022.