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What is a cyber warrior? Building a workforce to protect from cyberattacks

A cyber warrior holds a cellphone projecting numbers and figures.

Protecting vulnerabilities

A cyber warrior is a well trained, skilled professional in the information technology or information security industry who manages computer network operations. Their work on infrastructure and skills in problem-solving protect network vulnerabilities.

In today’s digital age, individuals or organizations who utilize the internet are vulnerable to a cyberattack. These attacks can result in compromised infrastructures, theft of intellectual property or the release of valuable private or financial information.

With so many opportunities for cyberattacks, there is an increasing need for skilled cyber warriors to protect and defend network operations.

Building a workforce of cyber warriors

In recognition of the critical importance of adding cyber warriors to the workforce, Boise State University has developed a new online Cyber Operations and Resilience (CORe) program.

The CORe program is centered on real-world application to prepare industry-ready professionals capable of creating and protecting resilient systems and networks. The program’s focused curriculum gives students the skill sets they need to succeed in the workforce from day one.

To best fill gaps in the cyber workforce, the CORe program includes the following fully online degree and certificate pathways:

Cyber warriors leveling up

The Undergraduate Cyber Operations and Resilience (uCORe) program prepares students to view systems as holistic models while determining how they can achieve resiliency. The uCORe program gives students access to the accelerated B.S./M.S. curriculum for learners looking to achieve maximum career opportunity in the shortest time frame possible.

At the graduate level, the gCORe program presents unique benefits to students. The requirements to enter the program do not solely rely on existing expertise in cyber operations and resilience. Students will exit Boise State with a master’s degree and advanced knowledge in systems thinking, allowing them to break down the silos of knowledge and understanding.

The gCORe certificates provide graduate students with a stackable opportunity to pursue knowledge in cyber operations and resilience. Students can pursue any of the three graduate certificates individually, as part of their gCORe master’s degree or add a cyber operations and resilience emphasis into a non-cyber operations master’s degree. The graduate certificates’ flexibility allows students to stack their credentials should they choose to continue onto the gCORe master’s degree path after completing a gCORe certificate.

The stackable approach of the CORe program, along with the emerging importance of cyber and physical resilience, prepares you with the knowledge, skills and expertise needed for protecting and maintaining network operations.

What makes a great cyber warrior

A great cyber warrior is a problem-solver, mission-driven and ready to protect critical infrastructures and networks from cyberattacks.

The Boise State CORe program is poised to help future cyber warriors acquire the skills and know-how necessary to start their mission in the cyber operations field.

Interested in learning how you can become a cyber warrior?

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