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A Digital World of Opportunities

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Why Digital Innovation and Design

Boise State Online’s flagship Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation and Design program will launch in the spring 2022 semester. The fully online program will focus on giving students the expertise and knowledge to lead, design, innovate and promote a digital presence while earning real-world applicable certificates and credentials along the way. Students will gain knowledge of emerging technologies to help their team thrive and stand out in our evolving digital workforce. With society moving towards more automation and digital connection, the digital innovation and design program produces qualified professionals for the modern age.

A massive employment field

Boise State’s digital innovation and design program will create digital professionals ready for robust office life or to work autonomously as a freelancer by melding technical skills with innovative thinking. Employers in Idaho and across the country are seeking outstanding digital professional candidates. Between January 2019 and March 2020, there were over 10,000 job openings in the digital innovation and design field in Idaho and over one million around the U.S. The field is growing in major cities, including Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle and Los Angeles. However, the skills and expertise learned throughout the program also allow students to stay non-urban residents and work remotely. The digital innovation and design job market field is expected to grow by 15%, with an estimated 488,449 new jobs by 2030 and an average salary of $79,247. Job opening titles include:

Systems Administrator
Product Manager
Content Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Content Creator
Web Developer
User Experience Professional

graphic showing 488,449 Digital Innovation and Design Jobs, an increase of 15% by 2030

Your choice of credentials

Along with being one of the most affordable programs around the nation, Boise State’s digital innovation and design program is stackable! This means that as students progress through the program, they earn professional certificates. Students will earn four real-world certificates, applicable in the digital innovation and design industry before they even graduate! In such a quickly growing and competitive workforce, having four expert certifications along with your degree will give you an edge over other job candidates.

Digital Innovation and Design. Total Credits: 120. Student Success Curriculum 12 credits. University Foundations 34-37 credits. First year Certificate - Innovation and Design 12 credits. Choose 2 certificates (18-24 credits): UX Design, Content Production or Creative Influence. Choose 1 Certificate (9-12 credits): UX research or Applied Leadership. Experiential Element (0-12 credits): Internship or Apprenticeship

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