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Update on CCAF transcript delays

The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is currently undergoing a migration for its transcript system. For CCAF students, this means transcripts will not be updated with in-progress training or degree completions from September 2022 to March 2023.

What is affected by the delay?

Students can continue to order official CCAF transcripts for courses completed prior to September 28, 2022, using the available options from the CCAF website.

Classes taken after the cutoff date of September 28, 2022, will not be reflected on transcripts or recorded until the new system is online.

Additionally, unofficial transcripts and web progress reports for classes taken after the cutoff date will not be available during the migration.

CCAF is offering to provide a cover letter explaining the delay as part of all transcript requests.

What does this mean for admission to Boise State Online?

CCAF students can still request official transcripts and be admitted to Boise State and start their online degree!

Students applying or enrolling before the system migration is complete in March 2023 can work with Boise State Online’s student success team to work through the admissions process.

What support is available?

CCAF has created resources available to students to answer frequently asked questions and updates to the transcript request process during the migration.

Boise State Online student success coaches and the Boise State Military Programs team are available to assist. Our teams work to stay up-to-date on any migration updates or delays to best support students.

Our goal is to work through this process so students don’t have to push pause on their educational journey.

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