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Advanced medical imaging brightens Daniel Connaughton’s future

Sometimes an event in a person’s life compels them into a profession. That was Daniel Connaughton’s experience. 

“I always knew I wanted to be in healthcare,” he explained. “There was an experience in my family where my sister had brain cancer. She was diagnosed with an MRI and treated with radiation therapy.”

Connaughton is a Boise State student pursuing an online Bachelor of Science in Advanced Medical Imaging and a Certificate in Interventional Radiology and Interventional Cardiology. He currently works for Saint Alphonsus in Idaho as a radiologic technologist while taking online classes.

Daniel Connaughton in blue scrubs in a hospital room.
Daniel Connaughton, Bachelor of Science in Advanced Medical Imaging student.

Exploring Imaging Modalities

When his sister underwent treatment for cancer, it inspired him to find a career that helps people in a meaningful way.

“The reason I went into advanced medical imaging and interventional cardiology and interventional radiology is because I recognized I could have a positive impact in high-stakes situations,” Connaughton said. “I could really help a patient having a heart attack or coding in a room.” 

“I did some shadowing in interventional cardiology and interventional radiology. I liked procedures, which is why I chose that specialty to go into for my second bachelor’s degree,” he said. 

The Value of a Medical Imaging Degree

Daniel Connaughton chose Boise State Online’s Bachelor of Science in Advanced Medical Imaging to advance in his career and learn new modalities. 

Advanced medical imaging at Boise State is an associate to bachelor’s degree completion program designed for credentialed healthcare providers with modality options in:

  • Interventional Radiology
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Computed Tomography
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Fully online courses and the option to complete clinical requirements in your local area afford advanced medical imaging students maximum flexibility. Seven-week courses and reliable credentialing exam preparation are taught by expert faculty. Program staff and faculty are committed to your success and helping you reach your goals.

A bachelor’s degree also gives technologists unique advantages, something Daniel Connaughton recognized early on. 

“My degree in advanced medical imaging will differentiate me from others in my field because once I’m finished, even though I only have one year of experience, I have many more credentials than most people in my field,” he said.

Advanced medical imaging students can earn a certificate in interventional radiology and interventional cardiology as part of their degree. Starting in Fall 2023, new certificates will be offered in computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and diagnostic medical sonography.

Advantages and Tips For Online Learning

As an online student, Connaughton has learned a lot about how to be successful in an online learning environment. 

“I would recommend doing online classes because I think that flexibility is important, especially in a medical degree. There is a lot of textbook stuff that you need to learn. You can do that on your own time while getting hands-on experience at clinicals, at your job or wherever you are getting those experiences.”

“It can be tempting to put everything off. It will be much less miserable if you block out an hour a day to knock things [out]. So you have to hold yourself a little more accountable compared to a traditional classroom setting,” he said.

Education to Fit Your Life

Looking toward the future, Connaughton is excited about all that will be possible in his field.

“My life has already changed since getting my bachelor’s degree because I get to do whatever I want as far as my work schedule. Currently, I work three 12s; I have four days off,” he explained.

“My ultimate goal is to be on a call team and work a week-on, week-off schedule. Maybe at some point or another [I could] take a traveling position to get paid to travel. My life before my degree was a lot more pigeonholed to other people making decisions. I have a lot of open doors, and it’s a choose-your-own adventure now.”

Learn More About Online Medical Imaging Programs

Earning a degree or certificate from Boise State University can help open doors to new opportunities and a promising future. Our online medical imaging programs, including the Bachelor of Science in Imaging Sciences, Bachelor of Science in Advanced Medical Imaging and several certificates, are intentionally designed for online learning and to help you succeed. 

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