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Earning an MBA can lead to quality career opportunities

The benefits of earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) are plentiful. In addition to enhancing education and business acumen, an advanced degree creates more possibilities for advancement and higher earning potential across almost any industry.

Boise State University’s Online MBA program students prepare for those opportunities with training in strategic business leadership and collaborative decision-making.

In addition to a general MBA, the program offers seven concentrations — business analytics, construction management, cyber, finance, healthcare leadership, management and marketing leadership — to tailor the degree to meet the career trajectory.

What Are Possible MBA Job Outcomes?

With an MBA on the resume, the possibilities are wide open for climbing the corporate ladder.

Although graduates qualify for roles in fields like healthcare, government, human resources and consumer goods, finance, consulting and technology are the most popular areas. Entrepreneurship is also an option.

Roles such as management consultant and financial manager are two of the top jobs for MBA graduates, but there are many additional roles that include solid salaries and opportunities to apply business knowledge. Here are 10 popular options with median annual salaries from May 2021:

  • Chief executive/CEO: $179,520. The head honcho of a company who runs the show, setting long-term goals and working with other executives in measuring progress and fostering company culture.
  • Chief technology officer: $167,120. This executive-level position runs all of an organization’s technology, which includes long-term planning and making strategic recommendations to the CEO.
  • Computer and information systems manager: $159,010. One of the most in-demand roles for degree holders, this professional oversees the technology and computing needs for a company and supervises the information technology staff.
  • Marketing manager: $135,030. This job title includes evaluating the customer base and demand and setting strategy for pricing for a company, while also evaluating the competition and working closely with product development, advertising and public relations.
  • Financial manager: $131,710. The leader in charge of setting the long-term financial strategy for an organization, and reviewing financial reports for accuracy.
  • Human resources manager: $126,230. This crucial role to any organization includes leading the administrative needs and employee benefits. Duties also include settling disputes between employees and training.
  • Healthcare manager: $101,340. An important administrative position that involves overseeing the non-clinical functions of the organization. Leadership experience is an essential element of the job.
  • Project manager: $94,500. This specialized title is for business leaders who organize and lead the completion of projects for an organization, which includes creating timelines and budgets.
  • Personal financial advisor: $94,170. This role includes handling finances, including savings and investment strategies, for individuals. Specialized personal financial advisors can work in savings for college or retirement and estate planning. This is an additional in-demand job for MBA grads.
  • Management consultant: $93,000. Whether working individually or as part of a consulting firm, this professional analyzes an organization in order to find ways to increase profits by improving efficiency. The management consultant then recommends changes to the company.

Boise State support for career development

The Boise State University Online MBA team and College of Business and Economics is committed to helping students achieve career goals through education and new opportunities. Our academic philosophy is that people-centered business practices result in successful organizations. Thus, our mission is to develop people-centered leaders. We have a nationwide network of employers and industry contacts who value the dynamic, people-oriented leaders graduating from the Online MBA program.

The approach to supporting students pursuing a new career mirrors the design thinking theme present throughout the program. Students and advisors work together to draw on the students’ interests, network and goals to explore potential opportunities and the path to get there.

You aren’t alone in this journey. Boise State’s College of Business and Economics has an embedded career services unit and we offer a job board with career success tips. Most importantly, you have a 1:1 relationship with your professional advisor, someone who is trained in career coaching and committed to your success within and beyond the program. We are proud of the 100% student satisfaction reported by students year over year in the courses taught by Boise State faculty or selected adjunct professors that prepare students for the next phase of their career growth. In fact, as of our  2021 Online MBA Exit Survey, 54% of students reported a promotion or new role while enrolled in the program.

Is an MBA Worth the Investment?

The Boise State Online MBA is a beneficial endeavor for any professional with aspirations of maximizing their career opportunities and earning potential.

With so many career opportunities available to graduates, the long-term value and ROI potential of a Boise State Online MBA can be limitless.

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