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Cyber Operations and Resilience Student Success Stories

From balancing academics with work and family to confronting imposter syndrome, hear from our cyber operations and resilience students on their path to a career in cybersecurity.

What graduates have to say:

Shea McNama transitions skills and career from IT to cybersecurity
Christopher Royal: From Army to cybersecurity expert
Jacorious Smith: From Air Force to cybersecurity expert
Cameron White shines in Idaho National Laboratory’s cybersecurity lab
Boise State students embark on DEFCON 2023 adventure in Las Vegas
Empowering Hispanic and Latine students in Boise State's cyber operations program

Featured Students and Alumni

Isaiah Moroshan

This degree matters.

Online Cyber Programs

Boise State Online’s cyber operations and resilience programs provide hands-on learning and applicable skills so you can become a leader in the cyber industry.

For students interested in a non-engineering or non-computer science degree in cybersecurity, Boise State offers both undergraduate and graduate certificate and degree options in asynchronous, 100% online formats.